My first encounter with Cronuts

By Michelle

Hey friends!

How has your week been? My first week back to uni isn’t much fun with the upcoming assignments and tests. During a busy week, I cheer myself up by either baking or trying out new food places (well, more like finding myself a good excuse). Hmmm what should I try this week then?? An idea came to my mind – Cronut! Cronut is all over the news and youtube recently. I was also challenged by my friend to make it. Well, if you want me to make it, I first need to try it! So yesterday, me and my boyfriend decided to try out this new American treat. A cronut is basically a combination of donut and croissant, which looks like a donut, but taste like a croissant.

Not many places in NZ sell this new treat, but luckily there’s one in central city, The Store,  just 10-15mins walk from university. When we arrived in the afternoon, there were only two flavours left – chocolate with coconut shavings, and coffee glazing with chocolate dusting, $5 each. It was a tough choice, as both looked delicious. But I ended up choosing the chocolate and coconut one, as it looked more attractive and it was slight BIGGER. Hehe… Asian right?



Taste: 7
Texture: 7
Look: 8
Value: 8
Overall: 7
(out of 10)

I was expecting more of a crunchy and fluffy texture. But when I cut into it, it was more like chewy and tough. I was a bit skeptical whether I have came to the right place. Anyway, I took a bite. It was…. rather ‘juicy’. I mean, I could fully taste and feel the oil busting out, a big turn off. Yet, my boyfriend didn’t have a problem with it, so I guess it depends. Texture wise, it was still a bit chewy but not too bad. It actually tasted quite nice, the chocolate glazing and coconut worked pretty well together. Both me and my boyfriend agreed that it gets a 7 out of 10, considering the price was decent for a new food item and overall a good experience. HOWEVER, he said he would rather eat a normal donut haha.

Soooooooooooo…. you may ask, since I have tried it, when will I actually make it?! Unfortunately, it’s too much of an unhealthy food. I probably won’t enjoy eating it anymore if I find out how much butter is in it, which means that I probably won’t make it in the near future, BUT if I get a really high demand for it, … maybe I’ll consider 😛

Go try it out yourself and let me know what you think!

The Store
The Pavilions at Britomart
5B Gore Street Britomart
Auckland CBD

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 6:30am – 3pm (I went there at around 4pm and it was still open)


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