Live Below the Line!


By Michelle

Sorry for disappearing for more than 2 weeks! I really didn’t mean to but life has been a bit busy for the past few weeks and living below the line definitely made my life a bit more stressful than it already is. Living below the line means you get $2.25 per day for food.Not easy eh??

Last year I got invited by some of my friends to join their team for live below the line for 5 days. When I was delivered the food, the amount and quality looked a bit sad.In the next few days, I was hungry half of the time and my bad temper just scared people away. I still remember I bought 3 subway cookies to celebrate the end of my poor diet and….. losing 2kg.I wasn’t too keen to do it again.

However, around a month ago, our fellowship group discussed about putting our faith into action. Helping the communities, caring about others. First I suggested something like running or cycling for 10km… something so typical and energy demanding that not many people were keen. One day, I received a letter from World Vision about the war situation in Syria and the refugees. This really touched my heart and I know I had to do something about it rather than just donating money. I need to raise awareness. So this idea came to my mind… why not do live below the line again as a group??
This way we could build awareness and raise money as well! Surprising I was quite excited about it despite my rather bad experience from last year.

So I invited my friends and 4 decided to join me. We decided to do it as a family so we could bulk buy and hopefully get more food. I was kinda the ‘mom’ in this team. I designed the menu, bought all the food, and cooked everyone’s lunch and dinner. To be honest, I think the reason why I was so excited was because I wanted to challenge myself to cook yummy food with such tight budget.

So two weeks before the challenge, I started designing the menu and I went to three supermarkets to compare prices: countdown, packnsave and tai ping (chinese supermarket). You must me laughing while I said I went to countdown… but hey! countdown actually sells home brand stuff which sometimes can even be cheaper than packnsave!However, for fresh vege and eggs, tai ping is definitely the place to go.

So here are all the food we got! (Also got a pack of 1.4kg beef mince and another can of coconut milk) Not too bad eh 😉

Let me give you a run through of what we ate:
For breakfast, everyone had 1.5 pieces of wholemeal bread and an egg.
Day 1:
vege curry on rice


Day 2:
pumpkin stew with beef mince, onions and coconut milk


Day 3:
Potato and carrot slices


Day 4:
Spaghetti bolognese



Dinner for 3!

Day 5:
Fried vege with beef mince


So what do you guys think about the food?

Overall, it wasn’t too hard as we had 1kg of rice/ pasta per day for the group. Thats around 3-4 bowls of rice/pasta. I wasn’t hungry most of the time, but lack of snack and poor quality food (especially those hard and dry rice) made me a bit sad and grumpy sometimes.

Interestingly, I actually felt a bit like being a mom with four kids. I was constantly concerned that my ‘kids’ didn’t have enough food 0.0 Cooking for 5 people was so stressful and time consuming… don’t think I’ll ever want 5 kids!.

Here’s something I learnt from this challenge:

Although the challenge was called live below the line, we were still much luckier than those living in extreme condition. We were able to gather food from three different supermarkets in order to get the cheapest deals. And I’m sure, while I said the ingredient quality wasn’t that good, it couldn’t be as bad as those the poor people eat. It really made me and my team mates realize how fortunate we are that we don’t have to worry about our three meals and whether we have a place to sleep tonight. So people, treasure what you have and help those who are in need! There are many ways you can help within your community and the world!

By the way, it’s still not too late to support me 😛

Have a good weekend everyone! ❤


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