Lets ditch Ms. Kumura and find Mr. Herman – the German Friendship Cake


By Michelle

Hey everyone!

Earlier this week I baked kumura chips and promised that I would post the recipe… sometime. I was planning to post it during  this weekend, however, I changed my mind!! I have a legit reason though!

So couple weeks ago, a friend of mine was given a sourdough, which is a mixture of sugar, flour, yeast, water and milk. So basically my friend had to look after it for 9 days –> divided it into 4 portions –> gave away 3 portions to his friends and baked the last portion himself. And of course, a ‘lucky’ and ‘popular’ girl like me was given a portion. HOWEVER, I was given it at the worst possible time. As when it reached Day 9, I was in the middle of Live Below the Line and I was so busy cooking everyone food. Seriously, why would I wanna bake something when I can’t even eat it myself? So I ended up giving my 4 portions away to one friend as I didn’t bother splitting it… and I got told of for doing so…

A few days later, I regretted giving mine all away. All my friends were telling me how amazing the cake was and how it tasted like apple crumble. OHHHHHHHH APPLE CRUMBLE! One of my favorite desserts :3 well… just letting you know, I have lots of favorites 😛 So I asked my other friend to give me a portion of hers and so she did! While I was meant to look after it for another 9 days, I decided to break the rules again and just baked it!





I halved the amount of sugar and raisins and added some sliced almond inside and on top to give it some crunch.



I sprinkled some sliced almond and brown sugar on top.





OH NOMNOM NOM, this half-bread, half-cake tasted absolutely delicious and not oily at all! Unfortunately, I only added one apple as it seemed a lot while I mixed the apple chunks in. However, they shrunk after baking so please make sure you use two apples!

I’m gonna make meatballs and pasta for dinner, who’s keen? 🙂


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